Why do some of us feel fatigued even though we are living happily and eating healthy?

This is because of the E-Smog that surrounds us. The technology has changed our lives forever. We not only use it we depend on it . Each of our bodies contains own set of energetic lines and points. Today in digital age E smog ultimately destroying our energy field.

What is E-Smog?
E-Smog, its name derived from Electro (electricity) + Smog (fog) = E-Smog

E-Smog refers to the magnetic, electromagnetic, and electrical fields that are produced synthetically. The radiation is pervasive yet inaudible, invisible, and odor-free. The technology has changed our lives . It affects the growth of cells and also disturbs the flow of information between the cells. It negatively influences the energy systems and pathways of your energy field (aura). This condition occurs from using computers, cell phones, cordless phones, wireless networks, watching TV for a long period of time, etc. This serves to the reason why people are often found complaining of headache and unclear vision after using computers.

When people aging , cells also emit less energy and start to feel more fatigue. Likewise, environmental factors like an increase in the amount of pollution, radiation and e smog you are exposed to, and living in an unhealthy environment causes a “loss” of energy and weakens this energetic field. A healthy cell will typically emit 70 – 90 mill volts of energy. As a result of these disruptions, a loss in energy occurs and the cells are weakened and emit only 40-50 mill volts.With this energy deficiency, the cell is weakened and will be unable to function at an optimal level. When this happens, we fall sick and experience aches and pains.

Electro-smog is responsible for a condition known as electro sensitivity (ES) or electro hypersensitivity (EHS).

Symptoms include:

  • Headaches
  • Disruptive sleep patterns
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Depression
  • Hypersensitivity and erratic blood pressure
  • Skin irritations
  • Behavioral patterns in children
  • Nausea
  • Teeth and jaw pains
  • Ache in muscles and joints
  • Cardiac palpitations

4How avoid loss of energy by living healthy, eating healthy and avoiding unhealthy environments?

Unfortunately for most people, there is no good way to totally avoid this loss of energy. Even if we were to make sure that we eat healthy, sleep early and stay away from unhealthy environments, it would be quite a feat to avoid the common electrical appliances and technological gadgets that have brought so much convenience to our lives. But we can learn how restore own energy potential. If you are using the computer, talking on the cell phone more than a few minutes, watching TV for more than 90 minutes, you may need to check your energy field and correct your energy field (aura) every month.

Aura- Bio-Well team provide You the energy reconnective healing session which can return to an optimal state of balance. This new level of energy session offers you the opportunity to facilitate lifelong optimal energy balance. Reconnective energy healing is the result of interacting with the fully comprehensive Reconnective Healing spectrum of frequencies that consists of energy, light and information. We can source the life force energy, to remove energetic blockages and expand your potential energetically.

All life is form of condensed energy. The sound we make or hear is energy. Our thoughts are energy. Our sight is energy. Our emotions are energy. You are a sub-total of energy.

Light is the resonance and communication within these frequencies between the universe and us.

Information comes through the very interaction and entrainment with the energy and the light.

It’s tangible, measurable… you can actually feel the difference instantly and enjoy the next benefits

  • Stimulates the brain and thought processes
  • Balancing the energy centers (chakras).
  • Unblocking the meridians
  • Resonates energy Frequencies and extend Aura
  • Strengthens Immune System
  • Harnesses & Grounds Negative Energy
  • Increased Zest & Improved Sleep Patterns
  • Eliminate Symptoms, Issues, & Pain
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Enhance metabolism
  • Increase energy for daily activity
  • Help in balancing Ying and Yang
  • Help in relaxation, rejuvenation and Eliminate stress.