The Change Process

Many different factors impact your energy field structure. Our program and techniques are EASY, FAST and works great. We offer result-based solutions that create meaningful changes.

5The Change Process

Step 1: Discover step
You know that something has to change. The question is—are you ready and willing to change? If you are—congratulations. This is the first step in the energy change process. First check Your Energy Field, Discover and Analyze .

Step 2: Schedule energy correction and training session
Each of our carefully designed programs causes real energy change. You can choose from One-to-One Training, an Optimal team for small groups, or engage with us in creating a tailored Energy Transformation plan.

As you begin your energy healing sessions and training please keep in mind these few words of advice: Be Kind to Yourself. If you are too demanding, you’ll only be setting yourself up for failure. Instead, proceed at your own pace and in your own style.

6Step 3: Growing energy takes time. Solo experiments
Most people will stop right here because this step takes courage. Remember growing things takes time. Nobody would plant flower seeds in their garden on Monday, and then stand in the garden all day on Tuesday waiting for flowers— angry and disappointed when they failed to appear by evening.

Your approach and attitude toward life are revealed clearly in the state of your energy field. If your personal philosophy and approach to life changes, this will be clearly revealed in the energy status.

Step 4: Achieve Your Goal
If you put your heart and soul into it, we guarantee that you’ll achieve and reclaim your health and natural vitality, achieve happy relationships, greater career success and find more balance and freedom in your life. You will lead a more inspired, heart-centered existence.

Highly trained and experienced Aura-Bio-Well team can help you correct and cleanse your energy field, and coach on how you work with the energy systems of your body to reclaim meaningful success in all areas of your life.